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Finding Harry Styles - G.B. Hope

I enjoyed this book because it was different. Not your typical "post-apocalyptic" book in that there are no zombies. No viruses. Just a complete loss of electricity, as well as to vehicles and most other items that we all probably rely on way too much.

One thing that I always find interesting in these stories are the reactions of people and how groups form. Who becomes a true leader, and who becomes a dictator. You see several groups form in this story, and each one is fascinating in its own way - some are even scary.

The title maybe off putting for some; really it just relates to a couple of the characters and their love of One Direction and Harry Styles.

Honestly, the book entertained me, and I couldn't put it down.

Maybe the women could have been stronger. Maybe some of the men not so bossy. The only thing that really bothered me was the one comment made about online reviewers saying "It just wasn't my thing". I do use that line because not everything I dislike is going to be disliked by others. I say it because I don't want anyone - other readers or authors - to think I'm judging them based on something I didn't enjoy and that they did.

At any rate, I did enjoy this book.