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Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel - Kristen Ashley What can I tell you? I am a Sons of Anarchy fan, so when I saw Motorcycle Man, I had to get it, and loved it. So when this came out...well, you know.

While there are some great sexy scenes in here, I think the appeal is the connection between Shy & Tabitha. How they connect, and how they deal with the people around them. I like characters who do not take shit from other people when they don't have to. And these two do not. If you like strong characters like that, and a good love story with some good sex scenes, then you should get this book.

Only thing that I didn't really like was keeping up with the "time" in the book. It made it a bit difficult to wrap your mind around how much time had passed (several sections started out with things like "six months later" "three weeks later" "two days later").