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Undead and Unsure

Undead and Unsure - Mary Janice Davidson Okay, but I think it is past time to wrap this series up. One that I used to love so much. All I could keep thinking was ... what is the STORY here?

I'm bored with Betsy being selfish, and everyone reminding her she is selfish, and she acknowledges that she is selfish. BORED. I was glad to see the change in book 9, and looked forward to what was to come.

And what was up with Eric turning into...a puss? Did not like it at all.

The final straw? You get "the point" of the book, which was tiring to read, all in the last ten pages. Which pisses me off because it could have been done in the last freaking book to make it better for one thing, and now, I want to see what develops in the next book in the hopes that I will love this series again.

I hate giving negative reviews, especially when I once loved this series but... I agree it needed to go in a different direction, but some of the comedy only goes so far. Repeating it over and over and over is not necessary.