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Sycamore Row

Sycamore Row - John Grisham Another great book by John Grisham. Enjoyed another Jake Brigance case, and it was much different from the one in A Time to Kill. I especially love Harry Rex. That man can come up with the perfect smart ass answer to almost anything.

Sorry, there was no Ro-arke in this one. But you still have Lucien. And there is an introduction of another female character named Portia that I really liked, and hope to see again. Maybe in her own book, Mr. Grisham? Food for thought.

I do work in the legal field (not as an attorney) (so don't think I am "putting on airs") and that may be part of what appeals to me. When Jake gets frustrated with the discovery process - the "discovery dump" - I felt it right along with him. And fish files? I have never heard that phrase, but I knew exactly what he meant. Now I have a new term to use at work.

I hope since this one is set in 1988 that we get more Jake, Harry Rex and Portia in the future.