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A Life Less Ordinary

A Life Less Ordinary - Victoria Bernadine I was drawn to this book as a 45 year old who years for excitement, and being able to do what the heroine in this book did: take several months off to live life. Our heroine never married or had children, so she is a bit too dedicated to her job, and apparently was able to have a pension (what is that??), which gives her the luxury of a six month road trip. How I envy her!

I found the book to be enjoyable, especially considering my life situation. I don't know if anyone in their 20s or maybe even 30s would enjoy it as much. It is hard to be in your 40s and date. It is hard to be in your 40s and feel like you aren't living life and being yourself.

The characters in the book are true to life; though one had a daughter who was really just MEAN. I have witnessed kids being brats and so forth, but the grown child of one of the heroine's friends takes the cake - you will want to reach into the book and grab her around the throat and shake her!

In a nutshell, you have the heroine who is going thru her "mid-life" crisis. Her sister, who is going through a divorce after more than twenty years of marriage. And their good friend who might as well be family who has been hurt in the past, and who is scared to open up to not only the man in her life, but embrace being a grandmother.

Our hero can be a bit of a jerk, but he does come around and realizes that you cannot judge a book by its cover. And his best friend and the best friend's wife? Love them. The only time I didn't was when the wife encouraged our hero to (basically) lie to the heroine. That really bothered me and I felt it didn't really go along with the character as well as the situation in her life.

A great read for those in their 40s, or maybe 30s, who wonder is this all there is to life - going to work, then coming home? It will make you think. And hopefully encourage you to fulfill any dreams you have.