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Trusting the Knot

Trusting the Knot - Kara Winters This was another fairly good, short read that one might enjoy when you have a couple of hours for reading and want a complete story. I didn’t want to stop reading it and found it hard to put down, because I did want to see how it ended. This was a different view of BDSM for me; I like reading books about the man being dominant and in control. This one was interesting to read but is definitely not the type of relationship I would want for myself; I say that simply as a personal observation and not a reflection of the book or judgment of anyone else.

I found myself fascinated with the hero and drawn to him because there seemed to be a bit of a mystery to him. And on the other hand, I also felt for the heroine. Men can be such dumb asses sometimes, right?

However, I was put off by typos and editing errors. Because of this, I give the story 3 of 5 stars. I love to get lost in a story, but errors such as this take away from it.

ADDENDUM: I heard from the author about the editing errors, and she was very gracious about it; another author may not have been. So I am revising my rating because she was so gracious. :)