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Legally Wed: A Lawyers in Love Novella

Legally Wed: A Lawyers in Love Novella - N.M. Silber This book takes up right where the last one left off, and tells us of how Lily and Adam prepare for the wedding while dealing with their excited parents, a over excited gay friend, as well as a wedding planner. Any time Lily feels anxious about the wedding and the questions she is asked, she rushes to Adam in a horny-induced state, wanting sex in order to ease her stress. Lily also decides they should see if parenthood is the thing for them, and they spend a couple of days taking care of Adam’s “big pitcher eared” nephew, Josh, as well as the family dog, Sparky.

Again – the interaction between these two is AWESOME to read. It’s not just the sexual chemistry, it is also the humor they use to deal with life. The nutty broad and the schmuck are really a joy to read. (just see the favorite quotes)