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Anguish (Jokers' Wrath Book 3)

Anguish (Jokers' Wrath Book 3) - Bella Jewel Anguish is Book 3 in the Jokers Wrath MC series. This is my first Bella Jewel book (I know, I know…I should have read so many others of hers by now), and I was able to read it as a stand alone without any problem.

Anguish is the story of Jaylah and Mack. Mack has lived life as a nomad biker, but has settled down due to the birth of his son, Diesel. Diesel’s mother has been killed in an accident, and he hires Jaylah as his nanny. Mack is initially resentful of being a father, and based on his past home life which sucked ass, fights any attachment to his son. Or much of anyone else for that matter.

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