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Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality - Marie Garner This book basically tells the story of two actors who meet and have an immediate connection. Brea has always kept to herself, not stirred the pot (so to speak), and has kept her past a secret in order to keep the good girl image. Her nickname is Miss Congeniality. She stars in a tv show with two other female leads, who each have their own nicknames. The three of them are known as “The Misses.”

In order to help gain better ratings, a new actor is hired to portray Brea’s love interest. Bad boy Lance comes into the scene. Though he has a pretty wholesome home life, he has tattoos and rides motorcycles. From what I read, these are the reasons he is referred to as “bad boy.” There is one incident with paparazzi after he and Brea start dating that seems to be added in to cement the bad boy image.

This book fell a little flat for me. It moved a bit too quickly. The scenes seemed to jump from the couple having a good, romantic moment one second, to the heroine throwing a fit the next moment. Like within one second. Further, I found the heroine a bit hard to like. At one point, the hero pretty much calls it: She is a bit of a baby when things don’t go her way. I literally cheered in my head – “YES!” I don’t know much about “show business” but because Brea and Lance start dating, her reputation takes a turn for the worst. Her agent is a total ass, and she just takes the ass chewing this guy gives her – though she pays him. Finally, the story seemed to end almost abruptly.

The book is not horrible by any means. There are some great lines, specifically by the character Raquel. She is the saving grace in this story, and she interested me far more than any other character in the book. I really would like to see how her story goes. This character is the reason I added one more star to my rating.