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First Comes Love: A Chronicles of Moxie Novel

First Comes Love: A Chronicles of Moxie Novel - Z.B. Heller The story of Moxie and Miles continues...and I laughed through most of the book!

The story starts with Moxie, Miles, Renee, Raj, Ryan and Tom enjoying some oriental dining...whereupon Tom runs headfirst into someone else he has been seeing behind Ryan's back. It gets ugly from there. Suffice it to say, Moxie refers to it as "Koi Gate." If you want to know - get the book.

Moxie is now teaching first grade, and seems a bit more irritable (than usual). Miles plans a surprise vacation for her, but the bad news is - he can't join them. So Moxie, Dillon, Renee and Ryan board a plan for Disney. Yes, Moxie in an airport. TSA. Think about it.

I can't say there is anything that I did not like about this book. I love to laugh, and this one had me hee-hawing out loud several times. The interaction between Moxie and Miles is perfect - he loves her just as she is, and he even eggs on her anger because "a feisty Moxie is a sexy Moxie." It is truly wonderful to read the scenes between the two of them, and they pass the eye-roll test.

The author has also created the ultimate, modern day, evil stepmother. If I could have stepped into a book and shook a character, I would have done so to Martha!

Moxie has a lot to deal with in this book, from the new challenge she and Miles face, to her dealings with her stepmother, to her feelings about her dad after her mom passed away.

This is a WONDERFUL, wonderful read and I highly recommend both Moxie books to every reader who enjoys humor along with some really great sex scenes because that Miles has a mouth on him (in a different way than Moxie, if you know what I mean).