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Maya And The Tough Guy (Big Girl Panties Book 2)

Maya And The Tough Guy (Big Girl Panties Book 2) - Carter Ashby This book tells the story of Maya, who you met in Zoey and the Nice Guy. Maya is a battered woman; she was abused as a child and followed that pattern by marrying an abuser. She finally leaves her husband after things go too far.

Jayce is a friend that dates back to high school. Jayce has been in love with Maya since they were teenagers. Jayce is smart, sexy, owns his own business (a bar and a gym), and is willing to accept any type of relationship that Maya is willing to offer him, on her terms…while trying to hide how much he cares for her, as Maya feels she has many things to work out as far as her own state of mind, as well as that of her two children.

Maya is way more timid than Zoey; and in this book, she is really finding her way and finding her voice. One scene in the book has her standing up for herself in a Sunday School class taught by a very, very conservative, older married lady whose philosophy is (for lack of better phrasing on my part): the man is the boss, and as his wife you should do whatever is necessary to make him happy and keep the peace.

I have to say that in this book, my heart felt more for Jayce than it did for Maya. The reason for this is I have gone through the “unrequited love.” It is hard to be willing to accept whatever the person you love is willing to give, no matter how big, how small. You just want a connection with them. To be with them. And that is Jayce.

Not that Maya takes advantage of this. As she becomes aware, she does do the right thing. I don’t want to say because I do not like posting spoilers in my reviews.

While Maya is not Zoey (and Zoey, Kellen and Addy are included in this book, and are the needed “comic relief” and “advice givers” when needed), her story is still a good one and is a great read; but I have to admit, for me – it was because of Jayce.