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Clouds in My Coffee

Clouds in My Coffee - Andrea  Smith This is Book 2 of the Limbo Series, and I have to say...I enjoyed it even more than the first!

This time Parrish has a mystery close to her dad's home. She is assisted by sexy FBI agent Marco.

In 1973, teenager Cece dies in a car accident. Or was it an accident? Cece shows Parrish the details that happened leading up to her death.

Cece starts when she is 16. Her dad left years ago, and she and her mom live in a trailer park. Her best friend going up, Erik, has become her boyfriend. At her mother's insistence, Cece tries out and makes the cheerleading squad. This gains her attention from Marshall, Mr. All American popular boy in school. He soon asks Cece out, but she tells him no since she is dating Erik. However, she does wonder what it would be like to go out with someone else - she has only known Erik.

She breaks up with Erik, who is heartbroken, and starts dating Marshall. Erik then starts seeing the ex of Marshall - Angie. Cece knows she has made a mistake, but continues to date Marshall.

Marshall isn't all he appears to be, and after showing his dark side to Cece, which Erik sees for himself - she breaks up with Marshall and reunites with Erik. Marshall harasses her in an ugly manner at school, shows up at her home, and tries to get back together with Cece. When she refuses, he becomes even uglier in his attitude with her.

Erik loves music and is in a band, and has a show one evening. While driving to the show, Cece has her fatal car accident. But Cece is in limbo - and has unfinished business she needs Parrish's help with in order to move on.

Again, this book had all the elements I personally love - a mystery, romance, even hotter sex this time (because we do move from Cece's last few months into Parrish's life as she solves the mystery), and supernatural themes. I loved the 70s growing up, as those were my childhood years, and adored the visuals of that time as I read.

The love story between Cece and Erik is heartbreaking but touching, and the chemistry between Parrish and Marco is off the charts. Marco is a sexy, devilish Italian and OMG I THINK I'M IN LOVE.

This is a must read story for any book lover!!