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The To-Do List

The To-Do List - J.C.  Miller This book tells the story of Ginny, a 41 year old librarian. Ginny's children are teenagers who pretty much think she knows nothing. She has a husband who expects her to do everything, as he is the "breadwinner" in the family. She is very much unappreciated by her family.

The synopsis does mention the fact that she stumbles onto a dating website, but that is not the main element in this story, although it is very much part of the story. For the most part, this story tells of Ginny's transformation from being a brow-beaten wife and mother to very much taking control of her life. The author very much captures what some women at the age feel - the tedium of her job, the exasperation felt toward her kids and her husband, dealing with your husband by saying what you know he wants to hear, just to avoid an argument. I connected to this woman because sometimes, it seems as though the wife is expected to do so much without appreciation. Further, it seems dad, who in this story is very much a jerk, gets to be the hero even though mom is the force behind, well - everything.

Once again, I give kudos to this author and her attention to detail. It is amazing how she can describe something as simple as putting on a kettle of water for tea and makes it sound fascinating. Her her descriptive style enriches the story.

I have to say that I do not think this book is for people who mostly read NA novels or romances. If those are your main source of reading material, this book is not for you. However, if you love chick lit or women's fiction, and especially feeling unappreciated as a wife and mother - you will find yourself connecting with Ginny and rooting for her.