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Coda - C.D. Reiss CODA tells the story of life for Jonathan and Monica after they marry, which was a whirlwind affair in and of itself, as they were facing a major life crisis.

Because of this life event, things are not as they once were between the two of them. Each of them are finding their groove; attempting to get back to what they once were. Factor in that Jonathan is not working like he did, while Monica is working on her singing career - at the same time, struggling to spend as much time as possible with her husband.

The issues they face do not lessen the love that they feel for each other. And when Jonathan once again takes charge, you feel it. Right down in your hoo-ha. Yes, I went there.

CD Reiss never disappoints as far as I'm concerned. The writing is so exquisite that it was hard for me to breathe at times. This one is going to stand out for me as someone who has experienced an event in the story that Jonathan and Monica do; it was hard not to literally feel what they felt.

CODA is a perfect telling of not only a couple struggling to adjust to marriage, but also the perfect telling (finale? I'm hoping we might get more) of Jonathan and Monica specifically. If you've read the complete series, then you must read CODA.