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Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1)

Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1) - Penny Reid Penny Reid has done it again. I love her and I love her books!

First, this set of books is about a younger couple (they are in college), so FYI there. I usually like my couples to be older, but in this series, I didn’t mind at all reading about this particular younger couple.

You have two very smart college age kids (I’m 46 so they are kids to me lol) who also are celebrities to a degree; Martin is part of a very wealthy family that makes money in telecommunications. Kaitlyn’s mother is a senator, and that is just the start of her prestigious lineage. Martin is very put together and very attractive, and has a reputation as a bit of a manwhore. Kaitlyn tends to hide behind baggy clothes but Martin is attracted to her nonetheless because, hello – BRAINS. The sexiest thing any person can have.

All I can tell you is that the WHOLE SERIES (Yes, I’ve already read every one of them, lucky me!) is so very good. The chemistry between the two, whether sexual or intellectual, is off the charts. The convictions of Kaitlyn really strike a cord with me. The struggles that Martin goes through after being raised by a father who is a bit of a lout. Okay, more than a bit. Further, I love reading about people finding love who are just a bit on the nerdy or geeky or intellectual side… it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Penny Reid is a master at this kind of book! I love books that entertain and make me think and her stories always do both. Further, I also love stories that pass my eye roll test – everything comes across as believable. I didn’t roll my eyes thinking “there’s no way this could happen” at any point.

I realize I am extolling the virtues of the whole series here; mainly because after reading it all, it is hard to analyze each book. Needless to say, the first book that tells how their relationship begins is worth the read. The difficulties that any couple faces when getting to know each other are depicted pretty well in this book – from dealing with jealousy to knowing how to talk to each other in a reasonable manner so issues don’t explode into anger. Just WONDERFUL.

This story ends with a cliffhanger but Penny includes the first few chapters of the next in the series to ease you from that.

You must buy this series, each and every one. You won’t regret it. You will get the warm fuzzies just like I did. DON’T DELAY!! GO NOW!