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Ace Jones: Mad Fat Adventures in Therapy

Ace Jones: Mad Fat Adventures in Therapy - Stephanie McAfee Holy cow...for you who have been reading Ace's stories, this one starts out with her making a court appearance for a "situation" that occurred at the Walmart. Yes, I know now you want to read it.

This short story was 100% laugh out loud. I could hardly breathe at one point, I was laughing so hard. I can sure sympathize with Ace. And honestly, she has the best one liners around.

If you follow Ace, get this one. If you haven't read these books by Stephanie McAfee - you need to. They are truly laugh out loud, great, fun stories.

I do have a lot of authors I fans of whose books I love, but these books & this author are the most special to me. I have never identified with the character in a book as much as I do Ace.