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Sing - C.D. Reiss I do not know that there is much more that I can add that I haven't already raved about as far as the previous six chapters of this series. It is truly the epitome of what good erotica is, what a good romance is, what great writing is. I have enjoyed this series so much and it ranks up there with some of the great series that I, and many others have read. A good series is just that, no matter what genre.

Anyway, I am digressing from a review of this wonderful book. Really, I find that I am lousy at writing reviews other than telling you "I love it! Go buy it!" I don't like giving anything away about a story that I have read, because I want someone to experience it for her or himself. I can tell you that a book moves me, and hopefully you will trust me, my judgment, and know that I am telling you the truth. And this book is the perfect finish to this series, because it hits you on all levels. Your intellect. Your heart. Your love box. All the goodies.

The writing, as always, is superior. Monica is one bad ass bitch, and Jonathan is the bad boy who has her tamed - but for himself only. Monica is not some young, simple heroine like in other books. She is strong. Jonathan is not the typical rich man hero. He is a man with flaws who, despite them, is so confident and dominant that you can't help but want him. He is my #1 book boyfriend, hands down. I'm going to miss these two (sniffle)!!