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W is for Wasted

W is for Wasted - Sue Grafton I freaking love this books, and I want to be Kinsey Millhone when I grow up. She is a bad ass.

What can I tell you that, if you read these books, you don't already know? Sue Grafton's writing style is just wonderful. You literally see everything. Don't you all know exactly what Henry looks like? What her apartment looks like? Her office?

Another great mystery that kept me going and the addition of another side to Kinsey's family made for interesting reading.

If you do not read these books and you love mysteries, I suggest you go to your bookstore or library and start with A. These books start in the 80s when Kinsey is around 30-31 years old. Though she has written these books for thirty years now, they are written in real time (Kinsey is 38 and the year is 1988 in this book).

I cannot recommend these books enough for mystery lovers.