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Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever - August Clearwing More 3 1/2 stars out of five...

Honestly, I would have given this book 4, maybe 5 stars until the plot twist at the end. Because this book had some wicked, awesome, HOT sex scenes. I haven't squirmed this much since the last CD Reiss book. I enjoyed the two main characters; I always like a woman who isn't going to be treated like crap when she shouldn't be (and this is in reference to the snobbish attitude of the hero's brother... who turns out to be truly evil).

The book was good, sex scenes were A+, and maybe even the plot twist might have went along well with the book but it was a bit brutal. I know that is probably not a complaint one should make about a strong BDSM novel, but it was kind of ... overwhelming. That might be a good word.

It is a recommended read if just for the hot sex scenes. And you can stick with it, because you really want to know what happens. All I say is be prepared.

I don't recommend this book for anyone who finds extreme sexual fantasies (BDSM, rape fantasies) unappealing or is not their cup of tea. But for you adventurous ones, I say go for it.