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What Wendy Wants

What Wendy Wants - Nikki Sex First things first - a book that starts out with a sexually charged scene featuring Raylan Givens wins me over instantly. INSTANTLY.

This is really a short story, and it is a good one. My personal opinion is that every man or woman who is married or in a long term relationship who can see that his/her significant other is feeling less than enthused about sex needs to read this short story. I mean, don't get me wrong...there are some hot sex scenes in this book. But the author brings up so many good points about how couples fall into a rut, and the things that should be done to avoid that...it makes the story absolutely worth the read.

Ladies (and hey, gentlemen too), if your sex life is lacking then download the Kindle app for iPhone or iPad, or whatever device your SO has - it's free. As of right now, this short story was available for free which means you need to download it to their device after the app. Or download the book on your SO Kindle.