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Untitled - The Girl in 6E sequel

Untitled - The Girl in 6E sequel - Alessandra Torre First, I think one really should read The Girl in 6E in order to understand Deanna. Further, it’s just a damn good read. I think the synopsis describes this book perfectly.

The book takes place after the events of The Girl in 6E. Deanna is still fighting her demons, while also hoping that those demons do not do damage to her relationship with Jeremy – or to Jeremy himself. She is still doing work out of her apartment with her online business of…I’m not sure how you describe her job or what the official title would be. As a naughty cam girl. She still has her regulars, still has Mike assisting with keeping her identity secret from her customers.

Enter Marcus Renza, newly released from prison after the vicious rape of a girl some years earlier. He is a man of wealth and though he was convicted in this case, the fact of the matter is that he has done much worse to other girls and women in his past. He has to serve the last 3 months of his sentence on house arrest, and from his computer he finds Jess Reilly. After a few interactions with her, he decides he must have her as his “first” after he has served his term.

This sets up a rendezvous between Marcus and Deanna that will leave you reeling.

This is not your usual Alessandra Torre erotica. This is, in my mind, a great suspense read with a heroine that you aren’t sure that you should be rooting for. Deanna is one of the darkest people you will meet, and she struggles hard to overcome the inner desire she has to cause harm even far worse than what Marcus has in his past.

Simply a good read, especially for if you love suspense, drama, something darker, and want to be entertained. Alessandra Torre is great at erotica, but I have to say, this is now my new favorite by her – even over Black Lies which I totally loved as well. I found myself tensing up, holding my breath, and not able to sit still as I read and the action moved forward. The anticipation of the eventual meeting between our heroine and our villain builds up in the wonderful writing that you will also be holding your breath while you read.

You simply must, MUST read these two books.