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Ancient Hunger: A Modern Mythos

Ancient Hunger: A Modern Mythos - Arden Aoide This is not your typical paranormal romance. Nor is it the typical erotica. Vampires? Not really...

I enjoyed this read simply because it is not your typical paranormal book; I think "mythos" is the appropriate word to describe it. Fascinating, immortal characters who have traveled the world and lived lives that are far from easy, and often hard as they are the minority in what they are.

As a whole, I enjoyed the characters in the book. The immediate connection felt by each of them as they met was believable. You were glad that after many years of being alone, feeling lost, that they were able to find each other. While there was chemistry with each of the couples, there was chemistry amongst them as a group as well. I would definitely love to read more about them in future books.

Though there is a "bad guy" in this novel, you also could not help but feel bad for him at times. He did not fully grasp how special each of them were, and lost that which he held most dear due to intolerance.

If you like paranormal books, this one should be on your to-read shelf. Also has some hot sex scenes for those who are open minded.