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Sex Love Repeat

Sex Love Repeat - Alessandra Torre I think Alessandra Torre is one of the best writers out there now; all her books are different in various ways. If I were to read them without knowing the author, I wouldn't know the same woman wrote them all. I think that says a lot.

This book is not quite what you think it is. And I am generally good at figuring out a bit in advance what shocker might pop up, but this time I didn't. Which was pretty awesome, because it meant that my mouth dropped open when it happened.

At first, I did have a hard time with the main character - mainly because I was jealous. Yes, I was jealous of a book character! Does that tell you how good the writing is?

You've got a bit of everything in this one: romance, erotic sex scenes, hot men, a strong female lead, secrets, and dare I say chick lit as well.

*AS OF THIS POSTING, this book is on sale for $.99! Go grab it for this price while you can because it is a freaking STEAL.*