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End of the Innocence

End of the Innocence - Alessandra Torre Another great book by Alessandra Torre. I am a fan of not only erotica, but also mysteries, and to me, this qualifies as a mystery-type story.

More hot sex scenes for those with an open mind. Great story line. Wonderful writing style. The story moves from the first book, to the second book, to the final book smoothly, and it reads like a good series for pay cable television. I could definitely picture everything in my mind clearly.

For me, the way the author tells the story, his/her writing ability if you will, is what makes a book great to me. This set of stories are well paced, and not rushed. I like the characters, and I like how Julia stands up to people who think that she and Brad are not truly in love.

Highly recommend this whole series. Alessandra Torre is one of my favorite "new to me" authors right now. Love her!