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20 Times a Lady

20 Times a Lady - Karyn Bosnak One of the best written, funny chick lit books I have ever read.

I got this after seeing the movie based on the book called What's Your Number that stars Anna Farris and Chris Evans. And it should say the movie is "loosely" based on the book. I did like the movie and I am not knocking it; however, it just shares the names and basic premise of the book.

Delilah Darling reads an article that states the average person sleeps with 10.5 people in their lifetime. She has slept with nineteen men, and none of the relationships have stuck. Resolutely, she decides that she will remain celibate until she meets the man worthy of her, the one who gives her "the boom."

After that doesn't happen (she sleeps with a guy after a drunken night on the town), she decides to buy a car and travel the U.S. to find each of the other nineteen guys who are not already married to see if there is any spark left; to see if one of them might now give her "the boom."

The main character is truly human, and is quite hilarious. I have had many of the same thoughts myself (and no, I will NEVER own up to my number, and I am 16 years older), about my mother, and about my love life. The men that she travels across the United States to meet alternate from a "muppeteer" to one in rehab with psychosis. While most of the stories are funny, some are touching.

Even if you watched the movie and loved it, you should still read the book. You will learn a little more about Delilah and get insight into her thoughts, and you are going to learn more about these men as well. If you are single, it makes you not feel alone when you wonder WHY have I not met him?

The writing is wonderful as well, and Delilah admits that she thinks in (parenthesis) and footnotes - which are included in the story in a funny way.

Highly recommend!