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Innocent Ride

Innocent Ride - Chelsea Camaron This is the fourth in Chelsea Camaron's Hellions series, and it doesn't disappoint. This tells the story of Rex and Caroline aka "Lux". These two have been sniping at each other since the series started...but you knew something was there.

The story starts with Lux being harassed at work by her superior, who is pretty much the epitome of a smarmy, snotty, rich guy. Initially, she was attracted to him but his pushy behavior turns her off. She starts dressing "down" at work, and doing anything she can to get him to quit bothering her - to no avail. It only seems to drive him more. Seeing that she is not going to give in, the jerk blackmails her with information from her past.

After her first dangerous run in with him, Lux goes to her best friend Doll and tells her the bare minimum. However, Doll can see how scared she is and tells her husband, President of the local Hellions chapter, who shares with Rex, the VP. The story moves forward from there.

This was another great read, and very hard to put down. You have Rex dealing with the fact that he has learned he has a six year old son. You have Caroline trying to deal with her past (which is way darker than you expect). Then you have the two of them and their chemistry as they deal with all these issues together.

Chelsea Camaron writes some of my favorite MC books - you have your romance, and you also have a bit of a mystery that has to be solved. Plus sexy, dirty talking bikers? With tattoos? Hello!