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The Saint (The Original Sinners: The White Years - Book 1)

The Saint (The Original Sinners: The White Years - Book 1) - Tiffany Reisz I continue to be in awe of Tiffany Reisz. In awe of her writing ability. In awe of how interesting her books are (and I do mean outside of the so sexy scenes). This book tells the story of how young Eleanor and Soren's relationship began and developed.

To call this book engrossing seems a bit too understated, but that is what it is. I rarely put a book down; I devour them. However, I found myself putting this one down at times for several reasons. To think about what was written. And also to slow down my pace; I simply did not want the story to end.

You hear of the first time they saw each other. More details as to why Soren insisted they wait. You feel Nora's anguish and acceptance of being in love with a priest.

The story is told in flashback style, as Nora shares the story with another, while facing a deep personal loss.

I adore the stories of this group of people. I find them fascinating. I also feel like the whole group would understand me. I simply cannot get enough of this author and these stories.

A must read for any Tiffany Reisz fan.

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The Saint generously provided by Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.