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Red & Wolfe, Part III

Red & Wolfe, Part III - Ella James It's hard to right a review for these shorts because all I can think to say is that they are so freaking good! They are just short enough that you can read them quickly, but yet again - they are so short that you're upset that you don't have the next part to read now!

I'm a lover of a dominant hero, who has a dirty mouth and loves to use it. So I think I'm just a bit in love with James Wolfe (who looks very much like Eric Bana in my head; don't ask me why. Just go with it).

If you're a fan of a good serial type series, as well as a fan of super hot, dirty, naughty sex, then this is the set for you. Not to say that the sex scenes are all that is good about them; because I'm definitely curious as to how everything else is going to work itself out.

Definitely ready for the last in the serial, but again, I hate for it to end. Highly recommend.