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Untitled - Kylie Scott I might have to say that Deep may be my favorite in the Stage Dive series.

This book tells the story of Ben, bass player and sexy bearded tattooed man who is my new book boyfriend, and Liz, who is the sister of Anne, wife of Mal. Sexy funny drummer extraordinaire. It starts with Liz taking a pregnancy test, which is very hot pink positive. Then we flashback to four months before…where we hear about the conception of said pinto bean (this is a phrase my family uses because the babies always look like pinto beans in their ultrasound photos, don’t they?).

I loved this story…loved, loved, loved. The chemistry between Ben and Liz is awesome, even when you are reading the text messages they send each other. And Liz is hilarious. I laughed so many times reading this, but I also felt her heartache, because, and I quote the book here (not a spoiler):

"Ugh, boys suck. Such is life. What can you do?"

The sex scenes are off the chart, holy hell, freaking HOT. I found myself with this yearning for my own Ben that literally made me ache. In my lady parts. Ache, I say!

I highlighted several quotes from the book I enjoyed; but I received an ARC via NetGalley for my review and it does say that some things could be removed, so I’m only going to share one. Hopefully, it makes it in the final version but if not, you will probably enjoy anyway.

"His chest was so pretty. So hard and big and stuff, it made my IQ drop to my shoe size. Everything about him did. The bearded sex machine turned me into a stuttering fool. Sad but true."

Deep can be read as a stand alone, but this whole series is so wonderfully good – well written, great characters, hard to put down – you really should do yourself a favor and buy them all.