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Beast, Part I

Beast, Part I - Ella James Ella James knows how to take the classic fairy tales, and give them a definite dark, current twist. Beast is no exception.

Here, you have the story of a young superstar, the next "big thing" and his chance meeting with one of his fans. There is a definite spark between the two of them. Unfortunately, the night ends in a disaster and the end of his career. It also changes her life after she witnesses the freak accident as it occurs.

Fast forward eight years later. She has grown up and has responsibilities that she must deal with. He is still in prison for the horrific mistake he made. They meet again, and the spark is still there. However, he is dark to the point of being almost evil.

Ella James is fast becoming another of my favorite authors. Her ability to tell a story keeps you reading, and you don't want to stop. Beast is no exception. I think that the novella may be "her thing" - she writes them in the perfect tone, with the perfect pace, the perfect length - and leaves you wanting for what happens next.

Thankfully, she is having mercy on us and releasing part 2 a week after part 1. You have enough time to purchase this now and get it read just in time for the next part.