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Degradation - Stylo Fantome Oh my. This book has everything. A heroine who comes out of her shell and stands up for herself. A hero who is rich, sexy, and has the most filthy mouth. A manservant (for lack of a better phrase) who is a bit fascinating in his own way.

The book starts seven years earlier, as the heroine, Tatum, sleeps with her sisters boyfriend, Jameson. She is shocked to find out how much she enjoys being degraded during sex. Needless to say, this does not end well; however, the incident changes how both Tatum and Jameson move forward from that point on.

Fast forward to seven years later. Tatum’s rich family has disowned her, and she is living pay check to pay check while living life on her terms. She is not unhappy and is secure and who she is as well as her sexuality. Jameson has become richer, and realizes he has to “have” Tatum again. He uses whatever tools he can to achieve this end. The two of them mutually decide to move forward with “no strings attached.” However, they cannot help but develop feelings, no matter how hard they both try.

What did I enjoy about this book? I love a heroine who is doing exactly what this one is: living life as she wants. Not ashamed of what she does. Not ashamed of her sexuality. I love a hero who is strong, and who has the filthy mouth during sex that Jameson has, and who is very much in control. SWOON. Further, the relationship between Jameson and his employee/”son figure” Sanders is very interesting, as is the interaction between Sanders and Tatum as she attempts to draw Sanders out of his shell.

There’s also an ex-girlfriend who is a total rich bitch. You just want to smack her. A male best friend to Tatum who, at times, you also want to smack even though he means well. And a sexy, nice baseball player (hello? And can we get a series on him after this one please?)

The book ends in a cliffhanger, so thankfully, I was glad to have book 2 in order to move forward.