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Neanderthal Seeks Human

Neanderthal Seeks Human - Penny Reid I actually read book #4, Beauty & the Mustache which I adored, first in this series. I loved it. So of course I must read the others!

This is the story of Janie, who has a bit of a photographic memory. She knows all kinds of facts about all kinds of subjects. As the story starts, Janie has broken up with her boyfriend after finding he admits to cheating on her, and by the end of the day, has been fired from her job. Enter Sir Handsome McHotpants, one of the security guards in the building where she works…well, did work. His name is really Quinn, and Janie as well as her friend Elizabeth have both noticed him and bequeathed him with this little nickname. McHotpants makes sure she gets a safe ride home, and gives her the lead on a new job.

I love Penny Reid, and I love her style of writing. I adore laughing while reading a romance – not everything goes according to plan. No person is perfect. Janie has this habit of spouting out the funniest facts you’ve ever heard whenever she gets nervous. Quinn’s ability to see beyond that, and to actually enjoy that about her, makes him my kind of guy.

I plan on moving forward with this series, down to the Scenes in the City book that Penny sold for a limited time, ASAP. My problem: I bought several of these in paperback format at Penned Con and I HATE to bend them to read them… so I will be extra careful because they are so, so pretty…

Sidenote: while reading this book, Quinn looked suspiciously like Chris Pine.

A must read for anyone who likes romantic comedy, and wants something a little different.