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Separation - Stylo Fantome The book continues as Jameson realizes that he does not want Tatum out of his life and works to earn her trust back. Jameson has assumed things has happened between Tatum and our sexy baseball player that didn’t happen at all. We all know how dumb men can be at times, so he brings the psycho ex-girlfriend in for a bit which causes even more trouble. With the help of Sanders, he “whisks” Tatum off for time away in order to earn her trust back.

I have to say, I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first book; but that doesn’t make it a bad read at all. For me, Tatum’s behavior in this second book starts out as one would expect after experiencing what she did at the end of book one. However, as it moves forward, at times she is the one you want to smack because she is acting like a spoiled brat. She questions every thing that Jameson does, which both he and Sanders tell her not to do. But as a reader, it was exasperating. Then again, as a woman – I know I do the very same thing in real life with any man I have relations with.

Jameson at times loses his shit with her, but bless his heart he stays more patient than any man “in real life” would – he knows he has found a woman that is his match, and wants to do what he can to win her back.

There is a bit more of Sanders and Tatum’s interaction with each other in this story and again – love it. Sanders is an older, mature man in a 20 year old body. Here is another story that needs to be told later, I think.

We get another bit of a cliffhanger here, and I am ready to see how the trilogy will end. The couple in this book is fascinating in all ways – their chemistry, whether sexual, bantering, conversation – is so strong you can almost feel it.

I highly recommend this series for lovers of dirty, filthy, sexy romances.