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The Home Court Advantage

The Home Court Advantage - N.M.  Silber In this book, we continue the love story of Gabrielle and Braden. You get more funny court room scenes (which include the couple getting worked up for each other while working and having to take care of business at the courthouse), more outlandish schemes from Gabrielle (she is referred to as “Lucy” more than once), more hot sex scenes. I can visualize in my head how these two must give off sparks when they are on opposites sides of the courtroom, arguing a motion. Hot stuff!

You would think that Gabrielle couldn’t think of any other crazy ideas for this group to take place in, but you would be wrong. They all end up joining her at a UFO convention in an effort to find out who is trying to warn her away from her true love, Braden.

So, in a nutshell: court room hilarity, hot sex scenes, UFO convention (with a sighting?), sexual tension between other characters… and mention of one of my most favorite 80s songs ever, Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young.