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Legal Briefs

Legal Briefs - N.M.  Silber I have to say, this one is by far my favorite of the four Lawyers in Love books.

Adam really kind of got my attention in the first two books, and the way Lily stood up to him was interesting. Instant chemistry! Throw in the fact that Lily, who actually works at the law library, writes smutty books after hours, and you get one very interested group of men (most all of the male lawyers featured in these stories).

This book was truly a great read. I laughed so hard at one point (a diaper changing scene) that I nearly pissed myself. My cats (yes, yes, CATS) looked at me as if I had lost my mind. This time, it wasn’t so much courtroom antics as it was the interaction between Adam and Lily, and their responses to the situations that surrounded them.

And the sex scenes, unbelievably, were hotter than in the previous two books. Of course, that might just be me because so far…Adam is my favorite. I might even have a crush on Lily, too. Smart, pretty and writes smut? Hello!

The scene where the two of them realize they love each other, but can’t decide who will say it first? Romantic comedy GOLD. My only disappointment: that we didn’t get to see Lily take on Judith in the court room.

You do not necessarily have to read books 1 and 2 to enjoy this story – but they are ALL great reads, so you absolutely need to read them all. But if I were to pick out the one that was my favorite – this one would be it.

If I could give this TEN STARS I WOULD.