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Winning Appeal

Winning Appeal - N.M.  Silber This is the story of Beth, sister to Braden (books 1 &2), and Mark, who is a friend and now co-worker of Braden’s. Braden and Mark went to law school together, and Beth has had a crush on him since she first met him when they visited her parents home while on break from law school.

Beth is a beautiful, very put together, smart, woman. However, when she is around Mark, she is struck dumb. Further, she turns into a complete klutz. She has actually, without meaning to, physically hurt Mark and herself with her awkwardness while being around him.

Mark has finally realized that he doesn’t want to continue with hook-ups with various and sundry women who are also not looking for a commitment. It also doesn’t hurt that he finds himself falling for Beth and her endearing awkwardness around him.

This is another wonderfully funny and sexy story from N.M. Silber. The scene where they are putting a computer together is priceless! Again, the books are a series but can be read as stand alones. This one is a little shorter which makes it perfect when you have a couple of hours of escape time!

ADDENDUM: Since my review skills seem to be "lacking."

First and foremost, I have to stress this story was FUNNY. I cannot tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading it. My daughter even asked "What are you reading?" because of how much I was chortling. And this is what I love most about Ms. Silber's books, even over the romance and the sexy scenes - the humor contained in them.

I am also a fan of the other characters in all the books, and getting to see how they are branching out by starting their own office, and what is going on with them beyond their weddings and falling in love, is fun to read as well. What can I say, I am a sucker for Adam!

Yes, it was shorter than the others but that did not take away from anything for me; I am a big fan of novellas anyway and enjoy having short reads from time to time like this one. When I purchased it, the timing was perfect after a hectic week. Mark and Beth (especially Beth's awkwardness) gave me a welcome release in the form of laughter and warm fuzzies.