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Dare to Love

Dare to Love - Carly Phillips This book is about Ian, who has one of the most unusual family situations I’ve ever read about, and Riley. Ian’s parents were married for several years and it was an arranged marriage. His father had a mistress with whom he had other children. Ian’s parents eventually divorced. Everyone seems to have moved forward and attempted to get along with their other half-siblings except for Ian, who is resentful. Riley is the best friend of Ian’s half-brother Alex (whose mother was the “mistress”). This is another one of those instant chemistry stories.

This was a good read that one can enjoy when they have a few hours available to read. I liked the characters; Riley is a smart woman who has worked her way up in a company that gets sold and is laid off. She tries to use her brief first meeting with Ian as a way of keeping her job, which fails. Ian then offers her a job with the football franchise he owns – and did I mention, his half-brother Alex also plays for a rival team?

I found the book hard to put down (though at times life forced me to). I found the actual job that Riley did interesting as well as the interaction between her and Ian. Definitely a great romance. This is one where each of them have issues from the past that make it hard to trust the other; however, it was presented in a way that was not dragged out or uncomfortable (if that makes sense). I didn’t find myself getting disgusted with the characters for their lack of trust as I have in some other romances I’ve read.