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Game On

Game On - Collette West This story is about Bruce “Jilly” Gillette who plays for the New York major league team, and Hailey Halper, his high school sweetheart, aka “the one that got away.” Both of them are young – 22. Jilly is a bit of a loner, and has recently had his heart broken by Sasha, who was the first female player for a major league team. So a publicist decides that this “Win a Date with Jilly” contest will endear him to fans since he is a loner and quiet, as well as give him a chance at love.

Hailey is still living at home and helping her parents run their restaurant, while writing indie novels under a pen name. Her novels are based on the New York team and her research is so accurate, that the team administration knows about them and thinks there is someone “on the inside” feeding her info. Hailey enters the contest in an effort to see Jilly again after things went sour for them when they graduated high school. Low and behold, she wins.

I am a huge baseball fan, and really like the fact that we have some romance novels set (in a way) around major league baseball. This story was pretty good, however, this is yet another story that didn’t really resonate with me. And honestly, it could be because they are so young. I’m in my 40s and seems like I have seen it all as far as romance goes. I found myself getting a bit irritable with both of them, but at the end when Jilly feels the need to hold back – he makes some very good points about how they cannot keep secrets from each other in order to work.

Again, not a bad book, but lacking for me; and I think that is simply because my preference is to read about couples not quite as young.