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The Chronicles of Moxie

The Chronicles of Moxie - Z.B. Heller First, let me tell you why I bought this book. I was at Penned Con in September, and knew I wanted to meet and purchase books by N.M. Silber, since I do work with attorneys. She and Ms. Heller shared a space, and when I saw the cover of this book, I thought…hmm. It’s really pretty and colorful. Do I want it? When I returned to my room that night, I snuck a peek at some reviews and decided I must have it. So I purchased it AND had it signed!

Do you know how happy I was when, in October, the ebook was put on sale for $.99? VERY. This means that, yes, I did NOT have to bend up my paperback, signed copy! Ahh it’s the little things…

This book is about 26 year old, size sixteen, school teacher Moxie. Moxie is very outspoken, and while she likes to thing she is secure in her own skin, does have some self esteem issues – thanks to a well meaning (?) stepmother. When Moxie isn’t teacher, she seems to have no filter to how she talks or in how she expresses herself. While out drinking after a crappy work week one evening, she imbibes a bit too much and sees a hunk walk into the bar. Her question to him about whether or not he has hairy balls is met with laughter and his dishing out as much as Moxie does. Of course, the night ends terribly as she throws up all over his shoes.

At the start of the next school week, Moxie is embarrassed to find that the father of her new student is Mr. does or doesn’t he have Hairy Balls! (Actually, his name is Miles.) (Sidenote: while reading this book, Miles looked a bit like Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies with his longer hair.)

This book was genuinely laugh out loud funny for me. While I do not have a parent who actively helps me as far as my love life goes (my parents seem to think I have no business being in a relationship at all), I can relate to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, falling on my ass, feeling like I’m too chubby, or not perky enough, all while trying to actively date and find someone I could possibly fall in love with – just like Moxie does. Though I have to say, Moxie has more nerve as to how she talks back to her step mom.

I loved Moxie, I loved her friend Renee, I freaking ADORED Miles and his son Dillion.

If you are not easily offended by a potty mouth, and want to read a funny, inspiring love story – then The Chronicles of Moxie is for you!