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The Syrian Virgin

The Syrian Virgin - Zack Love Do not expect to read anything like Sex in the Title. This is the story of Inas, known as Anissa in the U.S., and her escape from Syria during their Civil War in 2012. Her father makes many arrangements for her to leave the country, as she is very smart and has a good future in front of her, and he stresses to her that she must get a good education and use it to help the world recognize the plight in their home country. The writing is wonderful, and you cannot help but get caught up in what happens. You cannot help but feel the fear and sorrow Anissa feels as she leaves her family by herself, at age 15, to move to a country she really knows nothing about.

I am a total dummy and I will admit it when it comes to the Middle East and what is going on there. I was thoroughly fascinated with the beginning of the book which explained the turmoil and horrible atrocities that are happening. It makes one feel a bit ashamed for living in your own little bubble of a world when things like this are happening. Further, we in the United States really should be thankful for the freedoms we have.

The book was interesting all the way through, but maybe wordy for some people. It does move forward into Anissa's life in New York as she attends college and meets two men who influence her during her freshman year in college - Michael, a student working toward getting his Ph D who has plans of creating the first Mideast State, and Julien, one of her professors who also runs a hedge fun and is over the top wealthy.

Reader should know that this story does continue. I did not realize it did, and as the percentage I read got higher, I because aware that there was no way that the story would be "resolved." So this is a story that will continue.

Overall, this book was a great, interesting read and kept me hooked. 4.5 out of 5 stars.