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Tight - Alessandra Torre Take Riley and Brett from the novella Still that was included in The Erotica Consortium “Bend” Anthology, take them away from the craziness of the trip they were on into the next step, mix it up with intrigue, and you get Tight. And the teasers about it being “the next mindfuck” are absolutely right.

Brett pursues Riley even as she attempts to head back home to her life as a financial adviser in a small town. Even though she has misgivings, Riley cannot help but respond. The two work on being together when they can since they are in a long distance relationship. Further, Brett has some secrets in his life – not only from his past, but as to his business connections.

Interwoven into the story of the romance of Brett and Riley is the story of “Kitten” – who has been kidnapped and is being tortured; being taught to be a slave (and not in the good way). Kitten knows that Brett, who loves her, will find her.

This story keeps a reader intrigued, as you feel you have two stories – the blossoming romance between Brett and Riley and the issues that come with it. Fear of being hurt. Fear of being lied to. All the while, also trying to keep yourself calm while romance does bloom with the many questions containing “what if.”

Then you have the story of Kitten, and the man who is holding her captive. The strength she shows, the endurance she shows, while this man forces her to do things she never dreamed she would do. While he plays psychological and evil games with her mind.

These two stories do merge together in a way that will make the reader go “holy shit” when you do get to where Alessandra Torre is taking you.

Equal parts romance, erotica, adventure and mystery – and I so love it when a writer gives me all the things I like in one!