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Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below - Debra Anastasia First, if you have seen the author's promos that she has been posting, and you find them to be offensive? Don't read this book. You have to be open to laughing about anything crude in life. Because, let's face it...shit happens.

And it happens repeatedly in this romantic comedy, which really reads more like a romantic farce. Dove meets the pharmacist of her dreams while picking up a script for a yeast infection. Johnson (yes, this is the pharmacist's name and that made me laugh, too) has a booming voice when referring to the safety measures and so forth to do with the cream she is picking up.

The story that follows is a one epic fail after another; fails that are so funny you will find yourself almost pissing yourself while reading. Seriously. I was reading while in bed and I rolled right out of it, into the floor, laughing.

The story is funny not only because of epic and sometimes embarrassing fails on the parts of Dove and Johnson, but you have the best set of supporting characters EVER. Dove's neighbor, Duke. Steve the cat. Dove's two best friends. The manager at the store where Johnson works. A hot dog vendor that will give you the creeps. And Mr. and Mrs. Anastasia - who are freaking comedy gold.

I loved this book, and I highly recommend it to any reader - male OR female - who isn't offended by fart jokes in particular, but crude humor as well. You might should read it at home where the bathroom is handy when you need to pee.