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Silver Bastard

Silver Bastard - Joanna Wylde Silver Bastard is the first in a new series by Joanna Wylde. It tells the story of Becca, who at 15 is “given” to Puck, a member of the Silver Bastards MC, as a gift after he is released from prison by her slimy, no good piece of shit stepfather. The next morning, when Puck sees the stepfather beating Becca, he puts her on the back of his bike and takes her back with him to Idaho, the MC’s territory. Becca is given a home with an older couple who nurture her as she finishes high school.

Pick up 5-6 years later. Becca is now 21, and is living on her own while working and going to beauty school. While working at the local cafe during breakfast, Becca is being hit on by a local boy who is a bit of a jerk after several MC members come in. This leads to a bit of a fight, and Becca steps in an lets someone have it with a coffee pot as they are ready to hit Puck. After this even, Puck seems to have re-entered Becca’s life after essentially letting her grow up.

Becca is also dealing with her mother, who for years has told Becca she is going to leave the wicked step-father, but never follows through – though this time, it seems like she really means to get away.

This was a fairly good MC book, with some hot sex scenes. I liked Becca but I am not sure that I got enough of Puck to really “get” him. At any rate, it had a decent storyline and you wanted to know (or at least I did) whether or not her mother was truly going to leave and start being a responsible adult.

3.5 out of 5 stars.