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Books, Blogs, & Reality

Books, Blogs, & Reality - Ryan Ringbloom This book tells the story of four online friends whose common love of romance and erotica novels are what brought them together. Rachel is in a relationship but wants to delve into the BDSM world. Brooke starts a new job, and has instant chemistry with her new boss. Lizzie lives in the UK, was married then had a baby at a young age, and feels her marriage is struggling and she is only 24. Jess is a firm believer in the bad boy with commitment issues turning himself around for the right woman.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I have made online friendships in the same way and communicate via instant messenger just as they do. I seek advice from these friends, offer same if they want it, and we offer each other moral support in ALL things - life, children, love, book recommendations!

What I also liked about this book is the "reality" part - how each of these ladies think that the romance novels they read and the plot devices contained with work in connection with their own love lives - only to find, real men aren't like the guys in the books. Plus, you get to read "reviews of books" by these ladies which are pretty entertaining themselves.

Great, fun read when you have a few hours to spare and you also need a break from those romance novels where everything goes according to plan, where the man acts like no real life man can. I needed the break this book gave me.