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STAY - Ketley Allison The Snapped Series was a set of seven novellas that tell the story of Charlie and her move to New York with her boyfriend, Slade, who was the college football all-star who know plays in the NFL. Charlie has enrolled in law school. Her best friend from even earlier than high school, Lara, also moves with her to New York. Charlie is not one who is big about being in the spotlight, and struggles with that while also attending law school which is not only difficult as far as the work involved, but also because of her semi-celebrity status. She makes a new friend in Reagan, a fellow law student.

I would really call this series more of a mystery than a romance. As the novellas move forward, you see the struggles of Charlie and Slade dealing with their new life. The introduction of Nate, brother of Reagan, also causes strain not only between Charlie and Slade, but also her friend Lara. Ultimately, one of these five ends up dead, and someone is trying to frame Charlie for the murder - which means someone she trusts and is close to is a killer.

I enjoyed reading the series; each novella was short enough that you got one full story. However, some were better than others. Ultimately, the story moved at a good pace though some parts were a bit confusing; specifically with regard to one character who seemed to be a bit over the top and the other character's reactions to it: one minute they liked this person, the next they hated this person...it wasn't very cohesive.

The Snapped Series is a good mystery story but as far as the romance aspect, I found it lacking. Further, there were parts that felt rushed, as well as the interaction with the character mentioned above. Again, some of the novellas were better than others, but on a whole, I give the series 3 out of 5 stars.