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The Day Of The Wave

The Day Of The Wave - Becky Wicks I really enjoyed this book. Becky Wicks is a pro at describing locales in her books so well, that you can feel the sand beneath your feet. The wind coming in from the direction of the ocean. Her books make me wish I had the ability to travel the world, specifically to Bali.

This story is of Isla and Ben, who reunite eleven years after the Boxing Day Tsunami. Isla has returned to Thailand after living a bit of a boring life in the UK, having found that her boyfriend has cheated on her, and with the help of two well meaning friends who think she needs to return in order to deal with the events of that day. Ben returned to Thailand years before, re-opening the business that his uncle was running when the tsunami hit. Each had assumed the other was dead, and after a couple of near misses, they finally run into each other.

What follows is the story of the issues they dealt with following this event, how they each dealt with it, and how they strive to help each other overcome their fears – whether it is a fear of the ocean, or of becoming close to someone.

A nice, enjoyable read. You will be read to feel that sand on your feet as you read it.