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My Time in the Affair

My Time in the Affair - Stylo Fantome I wish I were so much better at writing reviews than I am. Some books deserve better words and feelings than I feel I can convey.

My Time in the Affair is a story of Mischa. Mischa has been married for several years to a man she has been with since she was 19 years old. She was a dancer and had an injury, and decided that due to this she would step away from dancing. She takes a job in an insurance company, finds herself gaining some weight, finds herself in a rut with the job and in the marriage. She and her husband are at the point where they rarely have sex.

She gets an opportunity with her employer to travel out of the country and makes a decision that she will cheat on her husband. She starts exercising, loses the weight, and prepares for her trip - physically and mentally. Once she arrives, she finds that it isn't as easy to do as she thought. After deciding she simply cannot cheat and resigning herself to her life being what it is, a chance meeting with a handsome man changes everything.

If you have ever been married for a long time and your marriage has gotten to this point - the point where you try to tell your spouse that you are in a rut, that something needs to be done because you are drowning - only to have your spouse seemingly ignore your pleas? Then you will know exactly how Mischa is feeling. It takes two people to make a marriage work; and sometimes it takes work as well.

This book does have some twists and turns that go into another area, but what touched me the most was everything that Mischa went through. All the feelings she had. How she dealt or didn't deal with them. And those around her who stood by her during this situation - it gave me so many feels. Many times I was brought to tears. Because Stylo Fantome captures those feelings perfectly. The despair, the guilt, the hate you at times feel for yourself. She nails it.

Never once do you hate Mischa. If anything, you feel empathy for her.

Well written, as always. I just loved this book. Loved it. I already feel like it is one of the best books of the year for me.