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Yesterday's Half Truths

Yesterday's Half Truths - Carey Heywood This is the story of Luke, friend of Clay from The Other Side of Someday. Luke works as a fitness trainer and a nutritionist. You don't really get but a brief mention of this but it is brought up in the first story by Clay that Luke is a little oblivious to his own looks and to subtle come-ons from woman who are interested in him. Luke's sister Sasha asks him to help an online friend of hers, Lindsay, who writes a fashion blog to help her get into a fitness and diet routine.

Lindsay lives alone with her cat, Coco, and works daily on her fashion blog, as well as doing web design to supplement the income from her blog. Lindsay is a BBW; however, she uses photoshop to enhance the photos she posts of herself in the fashion online, making her appear to be a size 2. Lindsay suffers from agoraphobia after being bullied by the same girl not only in high school, but also her freshman year in college. She avoid even talking to people on the phone and prefers emails, texting, and instant messaging. She manages to talk Luke into doing a virtual training for her.

This eventually turns from emails and texts into finally having a workout via Skype, and talking on the phone. Luke likes Lindsay's sense of humor (in one email to him she calls him "evil overlord") and enjoys talking to her. Lindsay sees Luke as someone she can have a crush on, but feels he is way out of her league. She wants to keep him at a distance in order to keep from developing feelings for him. Her past experience has been that people always hurt you.

I have to compliment the author on her writing once again. This book is completely different from book 1 in the series. The attraction was not immediate for our hero; however, as he came to know Lindsay, his attraction grew. Further, due to her agoraphobia, there was no immediately physicality between the characters. This does not take away from the story.

She deals with the heroine's issues very well, and explains them beautifully (for lack of a better word). I am a BBW myself, and there was one point I was reading the story that I cried because I completely understood the frustration of the heroine. The bullying she endured was far worse than anything I ever endured in my life, but I know it happens. At any rate, when the heroine gets scared or frustrated or emotional and simply ends a conversation abruptly - the detailing of her emotions helps the reader to 'get it' when she feels the need to do so.

There is more to this book than all of that and I feel that I am not touching on those other things; however - since I identified with Lindsay, that is what I'm dwelling on in my review.

What I didn't like about the story is that it seemed she never fell off the wagon once. It will happen when you diet and get overwhelmed. It helped that she had her food delivered to her home and only got items included in her diet plan; however - he did allow her some chocolates. I'm sorry but you don't just stop over eating chocolates when you get depressed or stressed that easily. You are going to slip. That would have made a good scene since Lindsay tends to beat herself up; Luke could've helped her forgive herself for making the mistake of falling off the wagon.

Once again, that takes nothing away from the overall story. Great read.