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Tarnished and Torn

Tarnished and Torn - Juliet Blackwell I just finished and once again, Juliet Blackwell does not disappoint!! I adore this book series, and this one is just as good as the others.

First, let me say how much I enjoy her style of writing. I'll admit to being a person, when reading, that skips "details." Do I need to know about the town's history? Or what the heroine is wearing? No, I skip that and move onto the meat of the story. However, I do not skip a thing in these books. She makes the town of San Francisco come alive (and I have been fortunate enough to visit there). The history she includes, and the details of what is there today, make for not only entertaining but interesting reading. And I am drawn to the story associated with potions, herbs, medicinal and natural remedies...everything that Lilly works to "make" I find so interesting.

At any rate, I digress. I don't really like doing reviews that give away anything about the storyline. Fans of the series will enjoy this one and it has been worth the wait.

And might I add, I think I am now falling in love with Sailor? Oh yea.

On a final note, the book will be released on July 2. If you love mysteries, and you love books with of a paranormal type genre, you will LOVE this series. So you have enough time to find the first four books in this series and start on them, and if you read pretty quickly, you will be done with them just in time for the release of Tarnished and Torn. All these books are well worth your money and time.