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Resist - C.D. Reiss I have no words, because I feel like I've expressed my love for this series so much that I'm probably getting on people's nerves. BUT...I don't care because everyone who thinks that 50 Shades of Grey is the epitome of erotica needs to read this series so they know what the actual epitome is.

Monica is so above and beyond a better heroine than what's her name...that you will forget her name like I did. And Christian Grey has nothing... NOTHING... on Jonathan Drazen.

This book is the perfect set up to the final story (sniffle) that is coming in October. All the characters are "in play" for what I'm sure will be a great finale. More incredibly hot, sexy scenes included. And don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the sex scenes (have your toy ready or prepare for a cold shower if not), at this point, I am so intrigued by the dynamics of the relationship, the love that the couple feels for each other...I am so excited to see what their outcome will be.

I'll end this review like I have most of the others. GO BUY THESE STORIES NOW!